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Ramdhaan “The month of purification”

   234 Views  |     |   Sunday, September, 25, 2022

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By: Dar showkat
Budkoot Handwara
can reached@darshowkat41@gmail.com

As the Covid-19 pandemic is refusing to die down. Faith and holy spirit of Ramadan may infuse enough determination in me to shrug off coronavirus fears and head to the neighbourhood mosque for prayers, but the same faith also holds me personally responsible for the safety and well-being of others – the fellow people – which stands compromised in case of big and small gatherings amid COVID-19 pandemic. So, how do I settle this dilemma? Until I do, staying home and praying there is no longer a matter of choice – it’s an obligation
In stressful times we must stop ourselves from feeling that the situation is hopeless and Allah has burdened us beyond our capacity and there is no way out. Allah has already told us, “Whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out and will provide for him from where he does not expect.” (Surah At-Talaq, vs 2) .The best cure worry is to surrender it all to Allah.After hardship, there will be ease. This is Allah’s promise. So never lose hope in times of hardships & calamities.”
First time in my life I,have seen such dreadful virus which made the life of people very Panic in all aspects.But we should remember that Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein, assisting us throughout our lives. Relinquish all of your worries and concerns to Him which will set your mind at ease. Knowing He is the One who can change our conditions. Ramadan is a training ground for mastering your soul on a deeper level for the rest of the year and the rest of your life.
The dreadful virus gripped the whole world without any descrimnation.All the religions of the world are busy in praying their God to vanish this pandemic.Religion can be the foundation of your thought process and how you perceive the world. Right from childhood, your parents teach you the basics of religion and God. They preach you on the things that are ‘ good’ and ‘ bad’ as per the religion. But as we know the fact that due to COVID 19 everything is closed weather it’s mosque ,temple or church.Yes, it’s right that Life is a precious gift from God. We should take care of it, embrace and cherish it. Health is also considered the best wealth. This is a cliché that we repeatedly hear over the years but do we realize that there’s a truth behind these words?

Ramdhaan: Month of Purification

Ramadan indeed is the month of fasting and purification.with the holy month of Ramdhaan government all around world are worried as to how the Muslims popullation would behave.will they stay home for their own and others safety.As the Covid-19 pandemic is refusing to die down. Ramadan is the month of fasting filled with religious and spiritual fervor. Muslims across the globe, refrain themselves from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. In addition, Muslims perform special prayers and indulge themselves in special Ibadaats including the hugely rewarded deeds to ensure they make the maximum out of this holy month.Making Dua in this holy month is one of the major deeds Muslims do to invoke Allah and seek His blessings. Therefore, besides the general Ramadan Duas , there are other supplications that Muslims can recite while fasting.

Month of Ramadan:

“Oh People, indeed a blessed month has been revealed to you.” Prophet Muhammad (SWA) began his speech on the eve of Ramadan and the followers curiously tried to catch each of his word: “…a month which consists of a night that is su­perior to one thousand nights, and a month in which Allah made fasting compulsory and a special prayer (so called Tarawih) complimentary. Anyone who has voluntarily performed an act of good in this month is like someone who has accomplished an obligatory offering in a month other than Ramadan. It’s month of patience, patience of which the reward is Heaven, and a month of consolation; a month in which the believer get more payments (of his deeds). If one offer to break someone’s fasting, that becomes a cause to get exonerated of his (past) sins and salvation from hell, and he would] get the same reward of the fast without deducting from the other.” The companions asked Him: Oh messenger of Allah, not all of us possess things enough to breaking those who fast. Then the prophet replied: “Allah would provide this reward to anyone who just helped to break the fast with a dried date or dilution of milk. And it’s a month of which the beginning (ten days) is mercy, the middle pardoning (of sins) and the end is salvation (from hell). If someone eases the burdens of his slave in this holy month, his past sins would be forgiven…”. How the month of Ramadan is distinguished from the rest can clearly be read from prophet’s conversational speech. So Ramadan is a month of divine blessings which His devoted servants experience in a variety of forms. The reason to have a holy concept associated with this month is certainly the revelation of glorious words from the almighty Allah to His beloved Prophet (SWA) through the archangel Gabriel. The holy Quran itself has asserted this by saying: (it is) the month of Ramadan in which the Quran is revealed (chapter al Baqara), Indeed we have revealed it
in the ‘night of decree’ (Lylathul qadr) (chapter al Qadr). Therefore, Ramadan is a month of holy Quran too in every sense. The believer is ordered to repeatedly recite its sacred verses pondering on their in-depth meanings if they are capable of, until it got completed many times, and to live his private and social life as per the inherent life of the scripture, to an extent where his heart and body undergo a strict purification: it is what Ramadan is totally meant and other practices are aimed at getting this ultimate goal real.
Of various prayers that always keep up the heart of the faithful on divine presence; prayers while the fasting is broken at the fall of night: O Allah, I fasted for your sake (i.e. for getting your satisfaction upon me) and broke it with your food, a chatting with divine authority from the heart of a contented believer, prayers reserved for each of the three tens of the holy month, as per their spiritual peculiarities and privilege, which the believer usually chants after the five obligatory prayers and month of asking divine mercy and forgiveness from everything evil that the believer had gone through, and the ultimate salvation from the hell. A sincere prayer, thus,
seems to be shedding tears, forgetting everything that go outside. And prayers in different forms, the biggest (and the greatest, of course,) of which is that of Tarawih, a long prayer in the guise of namaz the most superior act of piety as the prophet has affirmed in his early speech.
Of a parade of complimentary deeds aimed at enlarging the holiness in the heart and body of the believer. Acts such as extending generous hands to the orphans, homeless, downtrodden
and vulnerable people of society, in order to make them all stand up to the mainstream, and inviting colleagues, co-workers , partners, neighbors and members of the family, no matter
how far they dwell, in to the shelter of breaking the fast. Everything is drawn from the real inspiration of prophetic practices and sayings, as it is narrated by Gabriel, that the Prophet was the most generous among the people, and being the most generous was during Ramadan (accord­ing to some of the authentic Ulema that the acts of generosity manifested by the prophet was due to great honors to the revelation of the Al­ mighty’s Kalam). Above all, giving certain amount of Zakat (calculated as per the annual income of the individual or family from what he is in) to those who deserve them, is however a mandatory duty that usually seems to be performed in the course of the month.
…Of heartfelt yet much courageous memories of Badr and concerning events, tugging at the emotions that lie at the crevices of the soul and striking lessons of certainty and self-confidence to face formidable challenges or escalating tensions, which emanate from the strongly held state of the belief. As a turning point in the history of the Islam, badr represents not only the utmost strength of a system of belief deep rooted in pious hearts, which submitted everything into the hidden divine will, but the capability to read/know the reflections of those hearts and to act according to what was informed. The devout Muslims living all over the globe seem to be taking special interest in commemorating the 17th day of Ramadan by reciting the holy names of those Swahaba (RA), i.e. companions of the prophet (S) and they are counted to be 313 according to authentic sources, despite differences in number, who dedicated themselves in the battlefield, along with the merciful presence of their beloved Prophet Muhammad(S) and fondle their memories through a number of Maulids written on the praise of their much brace acts and curious tales. This is costmary in every particular situation in the life of the virtuous Muslim. However, the battle of Badr does not convey any messages of terrorism or extreme ideas of hatred; on the contrary, it teaches the way how a minor section of oppressed people defended the majority of the opposition and how did they keep the decency up even in the midst of such rather tense situations putting innocent children and womenfolk away from the trouble hit areas.
…Of socially and culturally significant struggle against the worldwide spread of consumerist trends, with the shield of fasting that does consist dimensions of inner content with only what one possesses and promote a simple way of life, not yielding to the temptations of market and globalization. In Islamic or Sufi terminology, this particular life style is called Qana’th- a way of life fully committed to the Almighty Allah’s will. Ramadan is a month of manifold extents too- a month that constantly maintains spiritual happiness in both internal and external atmosphere of the believer and an eternal and inexpressible calmness that the faithful may experience not in many times other than Ramadan.


Though governments have issued strict instructions for the people to stay home and not violate lockdowns even during the fasting month, but there are a few impulsive and imprudent people who have a tendency of overlooking rationality and logic when it comes to the matters of, what they think is, FAITH. They are the worry!
Muslims from all over the world look towards the Arab world, and Saudi Arabia in particular, for any advice and help in matters concerning Islam. Now if they have decided to heed the scientific/medical advice and close down mosques for the congregational prayers, there is no reason why Muslims elsewhere should risk their safety by congregating at their respective mosques for the prayers during Ramadhan. Any such misadventure will not only risk their own well-being but also that of the societies and the countries they live in. It will certainly be un-Islamic and against the basics of faith when looked at from the perspective of ‘Ijma’ (consensus or agreement of Islamic scholars) and ‘Ijtihad’ (inference by rational interpretation and analogical reasoning). It will also be against the spirit of Ramadhan, which stresses self-discipline, abstaining from worldly pleasures as dictated by wish and greed, and calls for focusing on strengthening faith and character.
The closure of mosques, it must be understood does not mean that people cannot offer daily prayers or Taraweeh. Individual prayers and worship play a greater role than communal ones. Muslims can pray five times a day wherever they are, and often home is a place where most praying takes place. In today’s turbulent times, it should be the place from where we could, and should beseech Almighty for deliverance from this pandemic, and the crises it has triggered, and is likely to set off including widespread death and destruction, joblessness, and of course HUNGER — not the voluntary one like fasting, but the kind that is involuntary and often manifested in and by structural deprivations and unfreedoms, which COVID-19 pandemic has enlarged and aggravated.
SumUp: Life is very precious and we should fallow the strict advisories from the govt .These advisories are for our safety. We can pray salah at our respective homes too because, Allah knows very well what is the current situation in the whole world. In fact Qurantine and social distance is Prophet Mohammad saw advice :
QUARANTINE* is a Prophetic ﷺ advice.
Run away from the leper (the one with contagious ailment) as you would run away from a lion.”_
(Bukhari Volume 7, Book 71, Number 608)
SOCIAL DISTANCING* is a Prophetic ﷺ command.
Those with contagious diseases should be kept away from those who are healthy.”_
Bukhaari (6771) and Muslim (2221

No matter what’s going on in your life, never lose hope. Stay positive in the bad times, stay humble in good times, and always trust Allah. After hardship, there will be ease. This is Allah’s promise. So never lose hope in times of hardships & calamities.”
May Allah have plethora of mercy on us and vanish this pandemic in the month of Ramdhaan.
Aameeen ya Rabul Alaameen


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