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Quest for euphoria

   220 Views  |     |   Sunday, December, 4, 2022

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By: Fatima Subhan

How to be happy. The quest for happiness is universal. In every age and in every country, people have been trying to find happiness within their environment, within their families, within their places of work, within their
communities, and within the world. It is
strange that although countless people have been searching for happiness throughout the ages, its attainment remains indefinable. Few of us have found happiness forurselves. We see how the difficulties of life conspire to deny us true and lasting happiness. Is it really possible for us to achieve this end?
Definition of Happiness.
First, we should analyze what happiness is. A dictionary defines it as freedom from strife, and a state of serenity, calmness and stillness.
Descendants of Adam (AS) is a simple toy of mud on the off chance that it is deprived of feelings and sentiments. Feelings place man at the highest point of order in the faunal realm. Had there been no feelings filled in the system of bones and muscles, at that point, man would have been just a living enclosure with various physiological cycles. Feelings lift man numerous indents in front of ( Karobiyaa’n ) holy messengers. Allah SWT states in the blessed Quran , “ Verily, we have made the man in the best of molds “. ( Surah Al-high schooler ). Man is a blend of sweet and unpleasant feelings. In spite of the fact that negative and positive feelings are practically indistinguishable from one another and are two of a kind however the last is to some degree the intention of man to lead a day to day existence by any means. Bliss is the sovereign of every single good feeling, and it is normally characterized as a psychological state; portrayed by sensations of satisfaction, happiness, euphoria and fulfillment.
Since his beginning as the caliph of this planet, ibni-Adam has been endeavoring hard to improve his expectations for everyday comforts, to acquire joy. In spite of the fact that straightforward food, dress and haven can do the trick his fundamental requirements yet the quest for bliss drives and pushes man to investigate the secret fortunes of the universe. The pursuit has paddled the man to overcome the spine-shuddering profundities of seas and conquer the grandiose mountain tops Himalayas and Andes. Man has quelled vicious breezes and spouting waters to pound his plant of joy. Indeed, even destructive monsters have confirmed the authority of man as the lord of this world. Man has saddled each chance of joy and happiness, each solace and accommodation is under his feet, appetizing food sources and eats are there to satisfy his craving, charming clothing types and dresses are accessible to add to his substantial excellence, refined medication and progressed restorative strategies are available to get him freed of illnesses and issues. Yet, grievously, man is as yet glancing caught in the grasp of wretchedness, torment, pain and stress. His quest for satisfaction has landed him into the maze of anxiety.
Man has been striving to ascend the pile of delights. A costly house, an extravagance vehicle, surplus riches, bountiful bank balance, plenteous terrains and exorbitant garments are viewed as the wellsprings of joy. Man works really hard to acquire every one of these apparent seat characteristics of joy. Too bad! It is a simple headache. Every one of these things have neglected to favor man with satisfaction. Man has nearly neglected to accomplish the ideal and anticipated outcomes. Joy has become a far off dream for him in light of the fact that our boundaries of satisfaction are absolutely materialistic in nature. Moguls and very rich people pine for a solitary snooze. Use of narcotic pills and sedatives has expanded by manifolds across the globe. In the event that cash and abundance had been the wellsprings of joy, affluent individuals would have been appreciating the wealth of rest. Yet, the case is completely unique. Valuable sheets are observer to the unpleasant truth that their proprietors thrash around their heads more than once during the melancholy of night, and the most unfortunate of poor go into the lap of rest under the open sky. Such situations are distinctive under flyovers and scaffolds where pitiable of the earth are seen lying and getting a charge out of rest.Actual solaces are considered to bring man joy however the truth of the matter is very in opposition to it. Extreme solaces and extravagances haven’t just turned man sloth and sham however have inebriated him profoundly and truly. Modern transformation has without a doubt facilitated the difficulties of man however leaving everything to machines has oppressed man to the degree that he has lost the embodiment of taking care of business. Man of contemporary occasions is just a mechanical contraption. Feelings and sentiments look not, at this point the piece of his life. It is extremely troublesome and practically difficult to separate between a natural being and a man. I ought not be slammed in the event that I consider man a sap of mechanical world. Flying in a plane to cover far off lands is unavoidable, yet giving up his hands to an electrical roti creator is inadmissible and ludicrous. We can’t be arduous like our predecessors however we should not to be drowsy and lethargic like snails.
Profound cleaning is an essential to accomplish passionate tranquility, placidity and quietness. Be that as it may, man is miles from the profound part of life. Pessimistic feelings have overwhelmingly consumed the persona of each individual. Contempt, outrage, retribution, dread, despairing, bitterness, anger and nausea smother the positive feelings which therefore die the genuine stuff of satisfaction in a person. Along these lines, the quest for joy has become a revile in mask for man. It tends to be accepted with no distortion that monster in man has harnessed him to jog on the hall of indecency, mischief and hardship.
Has the quest for joy demonstrated counterproductive for man? Has the purported success carried remnants to the harmony and serenity of man? Something is truly amiss with the contemporary world since man is succumbing to pressure and tension notwithstanding achieving distinctive material accomplishments. Total subjection and accommodation to mechanical devices has dissolved feelings and sentiments from man. Furthermore, a living being denied of feelings and sentiments can never taste the flavorful of satisfaction. The possibility of satisfaction has demonstrated trick for man. His foolishness and nearsighted vision has damaged his genuine joy.
Our precursors and progenitors had no scholarly degrees and declarations shockingly, yet they were smarter than us. Schools, schools and colleges were less in number however individuals were upstanding in their dealings. There was no web, email, whatsApp, courier, facebook yet the connections were more grounded and better. Quicker methods for correspondence and transportation have separated us severely from our precious ones. It isn’t lesser than a misfortune. Our progenitors would walk longer distances however would guarantee customary visits to their family members’ homes. Unexpectedly, our quest for joy has bittered our connections since we have gotten vain and narcissistic.
More information and skill has given over the man to the aches of obliteration and destruction. Man can’t avoid being domineering in nature, thus, since prior occasions, he would extend his muscles to grow his space of control. In any case, sword and bolt were never a danger to the presence of man. Chasing satisfaction, man has collected huge amounts of lethal weapons and ammo to obliterate the name of living things from the planet. The danger of atomic disaster is posing a potential threat on mankind, and it has covered joy profound into the lower part of the earth. We as a whole need to relook into our benchmarks, principles and thought of bliss.


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