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Do You believe? “Doctor is second God on earth” :Kashmir Tribune

Do You believe? “Doctor is second God on earth”

   203 Views  |     |   Monday, July, 4, 2022

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By: Dar showkat
Budkoot Handwara
can reached@darshowkat41@gmail.com

Doctor is considered as second God.The profession is much praise worthy proved in pandemic covid 19.Infact ,without these doctors life is not possible. The Doctors put their own life at stake and helping people from their heart and spirit.Just imagine what life would be without doctors in the society.Yes, doctor is a godly man.And society can’t survive without doctors.
The current dreadful situation due to COVID 19 created havoc in the lives of People. As we know that Whole country has gone into lockdown to prevent the Spread of coronovirus.Very Unfortunately Most of the People are unable to sense the Gravity of Situation and thats the reason that why we have People seen in the roads,boys playing in the fields.These things will have serious consequences, if The mantra of Qurentine can’t be followed properly.During this doldrum situation, The role playing by different agencies is very praise worthy.For me the best and pragmatic Role is palying by the Doctors and health workers for the protection of the people.We can’t Pay back their grates at all.

The country is facing an unprecedented public health emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting several parts of the nation. The Central and state governments have made exceptional efforts to combat the crisis along with the involvement of all citizens. In case the outbreak leads to a high number of infected individuals, our public health facilities will face tremendous load to take care of the large number of patients. This overwhelming burden may not be met by the available doctors in the public health system. The Central and state governments are augmenting and expediting increase in healthcare services in every part of the country. In addition, COVID-19 ‘train hospitals’ are being created in this regard. The Government of India requests for volunteer doctors who are fit and willing to be available for providing their services in the public health facilities and the training hospitals in the near future. We appeal to such doctors to come forward at this hour of need. You could also be a retired government, Armed Forces Medical Services, public sector undertaking or a private doctor. Those who wish to contribute to this and be a part of this nobel mission to serve the country.
Doctors play important roles in our lives, no matter our ages, cultural backgrounds or medical needs. They ask us to do what is right for our health and the health of our loved ones. They help us when we are hurt or have fallen ill. They comfort us when we are scared and not at our best. And most importantly, doctors talk with us about how we can preserve our most valuable resource – our good health.
Yes, Doctor is second god on earth.without doctor there is no possibility for us to live. Even for a small or big disease we have to depend upon the doctor. There are many doctors who sacrifice their life and make many lives cheerful. There are many times, when people think they are no more, but doctors will try their level best to bring life. The Doctor is a noble profession. A doctor’s duty is to treat and cure sick people. In this profession one must have an intention of serving humanity. This is one of the professions which earn too much respect in society. Unlike many other professions, a doctor treats people belonging to different religions, castes and creeds.

The Life of a Doctor

A doctor lives a routinely life. He wakes up early in the morning and goes to clinic or hospital and works there while the day long and returns home at evening. Sometimes a doctor renders his duty at night. Whenever, there is an emergency or any patient is admitted at hospital at night doctor leaves his bed and goes there to treat or provide first aid to the patients. One can say that a doctor’s life is very hard. It is not bed of roses it is a bed of thorns because one being a doctor can not let his patients suffer or feel uncomfortable. Whether it is day or late night a doctor stand active over his patient and tries his level best to provide relief and comfort to his subjects. They never get irritated over sick despite having suck hectic routine. A good doctor is he who serves and treats a patient regardless of his or her urgent works. The Doctors are good friends of sick and ill. They speak with patients politely and humbly. A doctor always tries to keep his patient comfortable and relaxed. He always wears a smile on his face and behave very softly with his patients.

Ten reasons why Doctors are Important for us.

1. Doctors are very necessary, they are next to God for sick and ill people.
2. There are several diseases. Only doctors fight against those diseases and treat infected people.
3. It is a doctor who saves many lives. If there had not been doctors many people had died because of diseases and
4. Only a doctor can understand the disease or any pain that is caused in human body and they prescribe medicines to alleviate our suffering.
5. They spend their whole life in studying and understanding the diseases caused in humans. Only they have proper skills
and treatments to save lives.
6. Doctors not only treat us when we are sick or ill. They advise and suggest productive ways to stay healthy and
7. Only doctors have knowledge of medicines. One can not eat a tablet without consulting a doctor.
8. Their years of practice enable them to diagnose a patient and execute treatment. Without doctors there will be no cure nor treatment.
9. One who is sick or ill can know the worth of a doctor. It is he who gives a new life to the dying.
10. Many epidemic, contagious and deadly diseases are cured and controlled by doctors. They play an important role to give us a healthy society.
Doctor is a person who dedicates his knowledge and skills for the prevention and treatment of diseases, maintain and enhance human health. Doctors were always in demand and appreciated by society. So many people are seeking a medical education, which is why competition in Medical Schools is very high, while studying medicine is not so easy, and the number of years required to become a fully trained doctor is more than in other professions. However, that does not stop modern students, and crowds of them again and again are trying to conquer the door of receiving commissions. The doctor has traditionally enjoyed a special status in any society, and there are high ethical and legal requirements. It is believed that a “real” doctor should be a role model for the general public not only in the matters of health (do not smoke, do not drink alcoholic beverages, to keep an active life style, eat right), but also morality. It is believed that the doctor should be fully committed to Medicine, compassionate, humble, and sober in assessments of his needs, to exercise the force of spirit and determination in difficult life situations.
The medical profession along with some other – such as a teacher or scientist – in the collective consciousness is associated primarily with public service: so, the doctors want to help their patients, teachers are willing to give the knowledge to students and develop social skills in them, scientists develop science. Representatives of these professions are opposed, say, to business people, who are concerned above all about obtaining benefits.
Medicine is often perceived as a profession for the altruists and is interpreted from the perspective of social mission. In collective consciousness, medical profession is associated primarily with the public service. The doctor meets a man at birth and sees him at the end of his life. It determines the special responsibilities of the profession, and partiality of the average people and the media. Note what intolerance and anger doctors mistakes caused. The representatives of free press easily forgive villainy and treachery of politicians, but the urge to sue, deprive of the license, or penalize in any other way physicians, responsible for the death or disability of their patients.
The reputation of a doctor is determined by his professionalism, attitude to patient, total commitment, competence, his theoretical knowledge and practical skills, competency and skill. Doctors describe it as a knowledge of their profession, their craft, professional wisdom, good intuition, and a flair.
This profession implies spacious mind, intellectual capacity, recognition, and support of colleagues, continuous training, implementation of best practices. A distinguished doctor is described by the trust relationship with his patients, his psychological skills and techniques, the presence of personal qualities: kindness, humanity, compassion, sensitivity, patience, and emotional responsiveness.
The urgency of the conversation about P.P.E. stemmed in large part from the same fear that People had been experiencing. Although there is much about COVID-19 that is frightening for everyone—the speed of transmission, the scale of the spread, the medical and economic devastation left in its wake—for health-care workers and others on the front lines of the outbreak, there is a special concern. Without Adequate P.P.E., they are at serious risk of contracting the disease themselves. And, since many of the doctors on the call were married, with young children, whatever risks they bore themselves would all but certainly be shared with their families.
This Doctors’ Day please be sure to thank your doctors for everything they do for you and your families. And if you know young people who are thinking about a career in healthcare, please encourage them to heed the call. The future will be healthier for it. Lots of love for doctors ,khaki and Safai Karamcharies.May Allah bless You all and gives you enough strength to fight with covid 19.
Doctors can treat you but only Allah can heal you”


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