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Covid-19 – Effect On Students Carrier :Kashmir Tribune

Covid-19 – Effect On Students Carrier

   222 Views  |     |   Sunday, December, 4, 2022

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Aadil Hameed


I being an Undergraduate student, I want to share my experience on the Covid-19 Lockdown and Unlock for student’s life. During this coronavirus time as being students, have advantages and disadvantages. I was initially happy about the virus because there was a lockdown all over India, there were no schools and colleges, had an ash life initially enjoying all the day with playing games, watching movies right from the morning to the night. At once, an instant of time, I thought there was no movie for me to watch. Waiting for unlocking situation to meet friends and relatives. Still, things are not settled to meet the friends and relatives
Slowly taking online class after some time in the lockdown period onwards. Initially Online classes feel better. Where there was a complete change in the situation of the class’s atmosphere. After a month came to know that there are lots of disadvantages and advantages to this type of education. Finally came to know that this virus is not a blessing to students but a foreshadow of the student’s further life to adjust the Online mode of education. The shift in education is totally different from all my education career. This type of online course seen in Software Engineers attending from home. Taking time to adjust in college courses.
Describing the few of the advantages and disadvantages during the Covid-19 pandemic.
There are no significant advantages because there is a huge loss in jobs, lives, and the economy of the Country. But speaking about the children, there are some advantages.
School and Collages holidays
Students can use their quality time in studying and the other activities in which they are interested. Spend time in the house by not going out and enjoy watch movies and do some craftwork.
Time to spend with family
Best time to spend with grandparents, cousins, mother, father, and other relatives as there is ample time to spend (if possible, as per government norms). Moreover, everyone is doing working from home. There is no need to step out of the house and meet with relatives you can pick the phone and call them and talk with builds more family relations.
Watching a movie along with the family and enjoying it can only happen now at this time. Spend time with parents and explain career planning views and brainstorm them for stepping towards proper feature path.
Saving Time
Saving time to avoid transportation time, prayer, sports, chatting with friends. Spending five to six hours of the quality time for the online classes. Whereas in school, spent 10 hours. Getting more time for the self-study if we use in the proper way to avoid watching movies and playing mobile games
There are significant disadvantages because there is a huge loss in jobs, lives, and the economy of the Country. Main disadvantages for students are
Online Classes
Online classes, the adoption rate is around 50-60% whereas in the classroom the adoption was around 80-90%. Online classes affect the eyes of the students due to long hours in front of the blue screen
Small children like the playschool and the primary grades must not have this type of class because they have low concentration power, and these small kids do not have the ability to sit for a longer time in front of the blue screen.
Lots of poor students do not have access to laptops and computers; all these students are naïve, think there should not be this disparate education.
Surely there are lots of disadvantageous factors like there are no exams; students are being given marks by the internals. This may impact their career in the feature. These factors are going to be a foreshadow to the child further life. On this note, want to say that students are missing the days in the schools and colleges. Hoping the government take good decisions on education with clear instructions as early as possible to avoid the situations that occurred by Covid-19 pandemic.



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