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Child is meant to learn not to earn :Kashmir Tribune

Child is meant to learn not to earn

   238 Views  |     |   Sunday, December, 4, 2022

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By: Fatima Subhan




Its Righty said that Life of little ones are Destroyed when Child labour is Employed .The World Day Against Child Labour will be observing to raise awareness
about the plight of child labourers worldwide. Hundreds of children drop out of school every year to help their parents earn a livelihood. The more unfortunate ones are forced into child labour by organised crime rackets, while many others never get to see a school because of extreme poverty.Let have a Quick look on Indias child labour scanerio.The 2011 national census of India found the total number of child labourers, aged 5–14, to be at 10.1 million. Childhood is considered to be the golden period of ones life but this doesn’t hold true for some children who struggle to make their both ends meet during their childhood years. At the tender age, which is supposed to be an age of playing and goin to school. They are compelled to work in factories,
Industries,offices or as domestic helps. Child labour means employment of children in any kind of work that hampers their physical and mental development, deprives them of therir basic educational and recreational requirements.its a blot on our society and speaks vloumes about the inability of our society to provide a congenial environment for the growth and development of the children.
Industrialization and urbanization have in a way encouraged child labour. Children are employed in hazardous work such as bidi rolling, cracker industry, pencil, matchbox and bangle making industry. This type of work often poses threat to the lives of the childrendue to their direct exposure to the expolsive material. Infact childrens are suffered by lung cancer etc.
Families have a conviction that every child is an earner so, parents illitracy is also one of the contributors to this problem. education tends to take a basketseat in the lives of these children.infact Bonded child labour is one of the worst form of child labour. In this, Children are made to work in order to pay off a loan or debt of the family. It can be considred as worst form of slavery where the children assist their parents as inherit the debt from them. Above more than that poverty is one of the main reason for the cause of child labour in india.
To prohbit the child labour in india Noble prize winner Kailash satyarti took an initiative. He is the founder of Bachpqn Bachaw Andolan an orgamisation dedicated towards the eradication of child labour in india. Educated citizens can contribute significantly in doing so away child labour. Affluent and high income group families can pool in funds to support the education of poor children. Infact the colleges and universities,schools can come up with free teaching programmes for the poor children. The principal of Each one Teach one can be fallowed.
The indian Govt has eroded many laws to protect child rights namely child and Adolescent labour act 1986, the factories act 1948,the mines act 1952, the bonded labour abolition act 2000.Most of these acts aimed at prohbit the employment of children below the age 14 yrs in factories, hazardous occupations or in bondage.But Alas after the implementation of these acts Still our aim of universilization of elementary is not achieved properly. India witnessed worlds largest fair and transparent laws but where they fails is only the domain of implementation. Such bottle should be take care off with full elbow greese and zeal.
Article 39,23,45 deals for the protection of child volilation. But there should be a total ban on the employment of small childrens in any activity other than going to school and getting educated. The govt needs to ensure that it has foolprooflaws and they are properly executed as well as implemented.Strict measures need to be taken aganist those who encourage child
labour in any form. Childrens are the future of the country and its the childhood which has a profound impact on the future of a child. So, it becomes the collective respinsibility of the citizens society and the government to provide them an environment which helos them to bring out the best kf their capabilities, and partispates in the nation building process. A nation full of poverty ridden illitrate children cannot make progress. The need of the hour is to expand the machinary for enforcing the various laws on child labour.Success can be achived only through social engeneering on a major scale combined with broad based economic growth. However, the reality of the situation is that child labour has its roots deep in the cultural traditions of our country and for poverty-stricken families, that extra income is the only thing between life and death. Therefore, it is important that we raise awareness about this issue and strive to make India a place where child labour is never a necessary evil. At last but not least Child is meant to learn, not to earn and their is no reason and there is no excuse child labour is child abuse.


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